Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blue Garden Flowers

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Snappy's Gardens Blog: In Praise Of Flowers

Snappy's <b>Gardens</b> Blog: In Praise Of <b>Flowers</b>

The garden seems to have sprung into life.Plants are growing away madly and late spring flowers are appearing daily.The Hostas are looking sumptuous in many shades of green,blue,and cream.There are eleven pots on the

What Is True Blue? | Sonja Hakala

What Is True <b>Blue</b>? | Sonja Hakala

I love all flowers but the ones that stir my passion the most lie in the cool blue range. But blue can lie in the eye of the beholder. Behold this wonderful columbine now in full flower in a garden right in front of my house. Blue?

Peacock Blue: Garden update

Peacock <b>Blue</b>: <b>Garden</b> update

Garden update. I certainly made the most of the amazing weather over the weekend, weeding the front garden and along the side of the decking. This kept me busy for a few hours and renewed my love of our garden. I am truly hoping that we get this garden into a beautiful state but apparently I have got to pick the flowers off the runners this year if they get any so the plants have a chance to establish themselves. The tayberries are growing nicely after being hacked

queerbychoice: May Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

queerbychoice: May <b>Garden</b> Bloggers' Bloom Day

Hardly any of these flowers are still blooming today. The Oregon sunshine is blooming a lot more today than it was in this picture, and the poppies are still blooming, and there are still some flowers on the blue flax, though

Lessons from Monet's Garden | NYBG

Lessons from Monet's <b>Garden</b> | NYBG

Blue flowers were planted in and around the shadow cast by trees to emphasize the blue color that was given off by these shadows. Fiery orange, gold and bronze flowers were planted on the western side of the garden to

That Bloomin' Garden: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- May Flowers

That Bloomin' <b>Garden</b>: <b>Garden</b> Bloggers Bloom Day- May <b>Flowers</b> <b></b>

The Peonies are ready to burst in to bloom in behind the mass of blue. The blue flowers of the Centaurea are a magnet for bees. It's a thug in the garden so I dig out plants each year. Of course, you can hardly tell where now.

Flower, flower, flower in Roses and Gardening Show « Myau Myau's

<b>Flower</b>, <b>flower</b>, <b>flower</b> in Roses and <b>Gardening</b> Show « Myau Myau's <b></b>

Boots and flowers. Roses & gardening show 2012. 6. Red roses and nice chair. Roses & gardening show 2012. 7. Brick wall and flowers. Roses & gardening show 2012. 8. Blue and red garden. Roses & Gardening Show

Anecdotal Evidence: `Fair Names My Garden Has'

Anecdotal Evidence: `Fair Names My <b>Garden</b> Has'

In all, I planted sixty-four flowers, plus sweet basil in a terra cotta pot. As an afterthought, I picked out a packet of “Blue Flower Mixture Summer Garden,” which carried this promise: “Enough seed to plant about 100 square feet.

Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods: Sacred Land in The Blue Garden

Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods: Sacred Land in The <b>Blue Garden</b>

text and images britt-arnhild (a post from The Blue Garden while waiting for wifi for the traveller) Small spots of wildlife in The Blue Garden. Hvitveis, Wood Anemones,Anemone Nemorose were my favorite spring flowers when

Homespun With Love: Little Blue Spring Garden Flowers

Homespun With Love: Little <b>Blue</b> Spring <b>Garden Flowers</b>

Our Spring garden is bursting with the most pretty blue Spring flowers this year! We made them from an old thrift store sheet. So take a walk with us on the garden path as we explore and take a closer look at these Blue Spring

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